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It is our policy to provide a consistent and uniform quality of products and services conforming to all known or stated technical and contractual requirements in the knowledge that any failure in product or service is the worst form of marketing.Product excellence is not end of the story. With our reputation to protect, we have a vested interest in ensuring that our products are not only well designed and proven, but are successfully installed and meet consistently high performing standards. We have our own maintenance department to ensure that our products, once in place continue to operate at peak level. That way we can give the truly individual and comprehensive service that most of our clients demand - and that service is available no matter how major or minor the project is even if it is not a product constructed by our team. Our dynamic team strives to be competitive and reliable by maintaining high standards and values. We have an ongoing responsibility towards our clients and consultants to maintain a sound relationship and to produce top quality products, thereby ensuring value for money.


VISION: To be the market leader in the provision of design and construction in and around Zimbabwe.

MISSION: To provide our valued clients with the highest quality and consistently reliable design and construction responsive to their individual needs.



Integrity: We are committed to uncompromising integrity in everything we do. We will be honest, ethical and professional at all times. Without exception we act accordance with the highest ethical standards. Teamwork: Without losing sight of individual goals, we pursue the team goals aggresively and participate to make the other team members successful. We build and maintain relationships based on clear communication with regard to expectations, cooperation and mutual respect with our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we work. Empowerment: We encourage our employees to purposefully use the freedom to act and contribute to company solutions, seek and accept responsibility and work and make decisions within the full range and scope of their authority. Professionalism: Every conversation, whether it is our rst or last is to be handled professionally. We pride ourselves on being supportive of your needs and also recommending different implementations that could better our service. Innovative: We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes continuous improvement. We strive for excellence by utilising iinovative technology, progressive training, dynamic teams and supportive leadership. Social and Environmental responsibility: We strive to be socially responsible and work toward win-win solutions in all that we do.

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